Is it necessary to weigh the food?

Is it necessary to weigh the food? post thumbnail image

To keep track of which nutrients we eat throughout the day as well as the amounts, it is necessary to know what we are contributing to our body at each meal.

For this, it is essential, apart from making a correct distribution of meals in an individualized way, that adapts to the tastes and lifestyle of each person, that allows knowing the calories and macronutrients, it is necessary to weigh the food to be able to calculate with the greatest possible accuracy of the calories and macronutrients that we are providing.

Fit food products

Weighing foods is an indicator that will allow us to calculate the calories and macronutrients in the food we eat.

What are calories and macronutrients?

Calories are the type of unit that we use to measure the energy that a certain food gives us an Our body once we have consumed it.

Throughout the day our body needs a certain number of calories to maintain itself, it cannot be determined 100% exactly since there are a large number of factors such as temperature, neat , the thermal effect of food that can produce certain variations. If there are formulas that allow us to determine an approximate amount with which we can play to achieve one or other objectives.

3-4 ¿Es necesario pesar los alimentos?

Weigh food to gain mass muscle or lose fat

Whether our goal is to gain muscle mass or decrease the percentage of fat, we need to know the amounts of food to be able to reach the total calories and macronutrients assigned, which will allow us approach us day after day to the established goal.

Serving sizes matter. It is the key factor that will determine the result in the medium long term that we will obtain.

Caloric deficit:

We contribute to our body fewer calories than you need to sustain yourself so you’ll be using mostly those from fat. To overcome this deficit and maintain current physical condition or gain fat, we must keep track of the amounts of foods selected or prescribed by a dietician or nutritionist.

Surplus caloric:

Being in caloric surplus is the situation in which we provide our body with more calories than it needs to maintain itself so that it will store them as fat or muscle mass.

To notice the effects, especially physically, we must maintain this caloric surplus for a long time. In order to exceed our maintenance calories and not maintain our current physical condition or lose fat or muscle mass, we must keep track of the amounts of foods selected or prescribed by a dietitian or nutritionist.

1-4 ¿Es necesario pesar los alimentos?

So, is it necessary?

Yes, as long as we have a specific goal we must know the needs of our body and provide the indicated amounts at all times.

Although it may seem a somewhat expensive task at first, there will come a time when we will systematize it and it will not take more than just a second. Even with practice and time, we will learn to calculate weights just by looking at the foods that we use frequently and that we are used to weighing.

For this we only need a kitchen scale that we can find both online and in a large number of physical stores.

To make the task easier, you don’t have to always weigh food. Divide them once you have bought them into the desired quantities and store them individually ready to only have to take them out and cook them.

Another method to weigh the food

If we do not have a scale, or we do not want to get one, another option is depending on the total amount of product that the package contains, make the divisions in depending on the amount per serving that we want to establish. For example, if every time I consume pasta the amount is 100 grams, I can divide my 500 gram package into 5 bags of 100 and leave them ready for when you go to use it.

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