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Deposition, crystallization or desublimation is the thermodynamic process in which a gas is transformed into a solid without going through a liquid – how strong! But what does this have to do with nutrition? – The truth is that nothing. We clarify that this post has nothing to do with nutrition, but with sports and with an idea in which we believe: the idea that starting a challenge makes you happy. Wait! We clarify, we have not said “challenging yourself makes you happy”, no. The phrase has been “ starting a challenge makes you happy “. Believing that it is the same, is a shit and also makes you unhappy. – What an exaggeration! – Well, maybe a little.

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Many people set a goal, make a plan or have an idea, a dream, an illusion … peeeeero, there they stay, floating in the air, in a gaseous state. We are not just talking about nutrition and sports. Many people who are tired of their work say: “I would love to study blablabla”, but how many take the first exam of the first semester of first blablabla? Not so many. Not so many people are able to crystallize, to go from gas to solid, to go from thought to action, to start.


Those of us who have ever felt the satisfaction of proposing something and fighting for it every day until we achieve it; We are often tempted to try to convince others to do the same and overcome, but be careful! standing! silence! We have just entered the world of internal motivations. And there is nothing more complex than internal motivations. Many people try to motivate their partners, friends or family to play sports or start a diet. And they do it by insisting, telling them the rational reasons for exercising, the importance of ordering yourself, of learning to eat what you need … but it doesn’t work, right? In fact, it is often counterproductive and generates misunderstanding and serious anger.

Indeed, the world of motivations is like that of The Little Prince, only one fits. Only you fit. For this reason, the moment you get motivated by yourself, for whatever reason: your partner leaves you, you see a video of Gómez Noya , someone you know is seriously ill or one morning doing general cleaning you find a medal that you won when you were 14 years old. Then yes. Go ahead! Already! Now! It is the perfect time to NOT challenge yourself, do not call any nutritionist, skip trainers, heart rate monitors, applications, music, towel … try not to think, put on a shirt, pants, shoes and start. So, like crazy, without saying anything, without explaining anything ciao! Through the city, the river, the beach, the orchard, the gym … You get dressed and go see you later!

No matter what training you do that day, or how, or how much … because you will have done the most important thing, you will have gone from gas to solid, you will have started your challenge and now, it will be easier to think about what it is.

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