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When you understand the difference between food and nutrition, you understand many things, for example, our work. What is the difference?

Feeding would be the voluntary process, which depends on you, what you choose: we talk about food, recipes, cooking, stir-fry, textures, flavors, if fruit you like it better with skin or in smoothie, etc.

Nutrition , on the other hand, would be the involuntary process, which does not depend on you. Do not insist, you can not do anything, sorry, life is like that. We refer to all the complex biochemical processes that occur within our beloved body once we gobble up the food, it reaches our stomach and divides and divides until they become absorbable molecules by the cells that are sent through the blood to use them. as we need. In other words, the krebs cycle, oxidations, enzymes, nutrient transport, biochemical bonds … a world that blows you away. But so that you do not get the taste of hydrochloric acid, let’s take a delicious banana as an example:


In the field of food, a banana is a banana, for everyone, there is no doubt, it can be from the Canary Islands, larger or finer, but it is a banana, no more, no less, a banana, a single thing. Well, in the field of nutrition that banana can mean many things and influence you differently depending on variables such as:

About your genes and how your genes are expressed at all times (phenotype)
Metabolism, anatomy, physiology, intestinal flora, etc.

From the moment you ingest it
It would not be the same if you ate it as soon as you woke up, than before sleeping, or before training strength in the gym, or during a length on the bike, or after playing a game of tennis, or stressed in the work, or quiet, or being cold, or being hot, or after not having eaten anything all day … it’s not the same.

How you eat it
Fried, ripe, green, combining it with what foods … A ripe banana has more sugar (simple hydrates, readily available by the body to use) a green banana it has less sugar available, and a fried banana has more fat and more kcal. An example outside of the banana: cold pasta does not have the same influence as hot pasta. We will develop all this soon in another post in which we will talk about the influence of cooking modes on your performance.

Of the amount
If you are a damn animal and you eat three bananas for lunch, its influence will not be the same as if you eat half or even those three bananas little by little throughout the whole day. It is important to keep in mind that the body can only absorb so much protein, fat and hydrates by digestion. If you have 10 breasts at a meal because you want a lot of protein, I am afraid that many of that will not be able to stay in your body. If you accumulate an amount that cannot be processed by the body, those nutrients accumulate in the form of glycogen or fat, or are evacuated.


Conclusion: Our body does not work based on rolled oats, chicken fillet, soy drink or tofu meatballs. Our body, each organ and each cell, works on the basis of nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. Our job consists of getting to know better how you function inside and doing numbers to calculate your nutritional needs for each moment of the week (nutrition). Then, we take care of transforming those numbers into a personalized weekly menu with recipes (food) so that you like it and enjoy eating them. It’s a nice job; )

Now that you know the importance of nutrition, if you are looking to improve it, take a look at our service with online nutritionist and their rates.

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